Well, if you weren't able to attend the
Posted 11/10/2014 8:45 AM (#777)
Subject: Well, if you weren't able to attend the

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Forward in Faith meeting Saturday the 8th, you sure did miss an amazing speaker, Bishop Kenneth Myers. There are any number of superlatives I could use but they simply wouldn't explain what an extraordinary message he presented. To use the vernacular; he knocked my theological socks off! Bishop Myers has several books on Amazon. I had read his blog before his attendance at our Forward in Faith meeting and thought him a very good writer. That's because I had never heard him speak. WOW! I wish, on this one occassion, that our little church had a video camera because what Bishop Ken had to say and the way in which he said it, was certainly worthy of video taping.

So sorry if you weren't there; so glad I was!
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