I lament that my job keeps me away
Posted 3/17/2016 2:01 PM (#874)
Subject: I lament that my job keeps me away

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from church many Sundays a month. For the most part, I can only attend Adult Sunday study and even then have to leave before it's over so I can get to work on time.

We have a wonderful teacher, Fr. Poole - accessible and quietly brilliant. He allows no -holds-barred discussion of whatever our topic is; he allows us to explore and ask questions and realizes that sometimes, it's the Holy Spirit Who is guiding the class.

What's pitiful is the turn out each Sunday. Like everyone in church knows so much they couldn't possibly benefit from attending class each Sunday. Like going to church is the whole ball of wax. Don't get me wrong - Holy Communion and what leads up to it and what comes after it is supremely important, but it's not all. Are they rightfully dividing the word? Are they so sure that they understand not only their traditions but all that God and the Holy Trinity is that they simply feel no need to attend Sunday study? Seems kind of smug and foolish to me.

I am 'of an age' on par with most of the congregation. I'm learning new stuff - new insights, clearer revelation, better understanding all the time and a good deal of that comes from Sunday study in addition to self study and prayer. I often feel a sense of loss for those people that don't attend; that they are missing the wonderful infusion of knowledge and love that I have been getting - that the regular attendees get each Sunday morning.

I pray the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts.
In Jesus' name I pray.
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