Oh, joy! Oh, bliss!
Posted 9/17/2016 7:55 AM (#885)
Subject: Oh, joy! Oh, bliss!

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Adult Sunday School! Yeeha! I understand why we don't have adult study on Sundays during the summer - people are off on vacations and visiting friends and family and it would be incredibly difficult to maintain a thought, the composed topic of discussion, with people present (hit or miss) and having to recover ground already traversed. I get it.

But I sure do miss it! Even though I have to work most Sundays, and even though I can't stay for the whole class, I love our Sunday studies. Fr. Poole does a great job of explaining, teaching, and letting us ask questions and pose scenarios and sometimes let us get off track because he knows we're learning, we're thinking, we're applying...

I really do feel sorry for the folks who don't come. Some folks seem to think that coffee hour is more important than Sunday study...cup of coffee and cookie more nourishing than learning the Word. Or maybe, they've been Christian for so long that they think they know everything and there's nothing left to learn. I feel especially sorry for them.

Anyway...you know where I'll be 9 a.m. tomorrow morning! Come and sit next to me!
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